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Fall Oral Rabies Vaccination

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1. What is rabies?
2. How do you contract rabies?
3. Why should I be worried about rabies in wildlife?
4. How can I tell if an animal has rabies?
5. What should I do if I am bitten by an animal?
6. What can I do to prevent rabies?
7. What is an oral rabies vaccination (ORV) bait and what does it look like?
8. Can I get rabies from contact with the vaccine?
9. What if I find an oral rabies vaccination (ORV) bait near my home?
10. Why do I need to wear a glove when handling an ORV bait?
11. What if I do not have a glove?
12. What if my child finds an ORV bait?
13. How long do ORV baits last in the environment?
14. Can I use the ORV bait to vaccinate my dog or cat?
15. How does a raccoon/coyote/gray fox get vaccinated by eating the ORV bait?
16. How long does the vaccine last?
17. How do you distribute ORV baits in cities and suburban areas?
18. How else does WS distribute ORV baits?
19. How can I find out more information about this program?

Income Tax

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1. Who must file?
2. When should I file?
3. What is the City of Solon Income Tax rate and what type of income is taxable?
4. What is taxable income?
5. What income is not taxable?
6. What is a credit? Does Solon give a credit?
7. Filing Information
8. What is the withholding tax?
9. Is city withholding tax based on employee work location or residence?
10. How can I make sure my employer is withholding the correct local tax from my wages?
11. I have income in addition to that reported on my W-2 from my employer. Can my employer withhold additional tax above the local rate to cover this tax liability?
12. What are extensions?
13. Estimated Payments
14. Is it possible to amend my estimate during the year?
15. What if I reside in Solon and work in an area with no municipal tax. How often must I file an estimate with Solon?
16. I am a Solon resident whose employer does not have a presence in Solon. What if my employer does not withhold the Solon tax for me?


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1. When should I call the Police Department?
2. How do I get a copy of a police report?
3. What should I do if I go on vacation?
4. What are on street parking requirements?
5. How do I get in touch with the Animal Warden?

SCA Performances & Events

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1. How do I purchase tickets for performances at SCA?
2. What if I picked the wrong show date or want different seats?

Service - Sewers/Drainage

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1. My sink drains are gurgling?

2. It smells like sewer gas in my basement, what should I do

3. What is a sanitary sewer?

4. What is a storm sewer?

5. What causes a sanitary sewer to backup or sewer stoppage?

6. What is a sewer cleanout / test tee?

7. I cannot locate my sewer cleanout? What can I do?

8. What is the property owner’s responsibility?

9. What are some problems my sewer lateral can have and how can I maintain them?

10. What is the city’s responsibility regarding private sewer laterals?

Service - Mosquitos

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1. How are larvicides used in mosquito control?
2. Can I apply larvicides to catch basins located on my property?
3. What is adulticiding?
4. What is a catch basin?
5. What is a larvicide?
6. What is mosquito fogging?

Service - Rubbish

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1. What is Automated Rubbish Collection?
2. Why did Solon go to Automated?
3. I have my City issued rubbish cart. What should I know about it?
4. How big are the tipper carts and how much trash do they hold?
5. What if I have more rubbish than will fit in the rubbish cart?
6. What items can I put in my cart?
7. What should I watch for when placing my tipper cart at the curb?
8. What if I have large or bulk items?
9. Will “Secondary Recyclables” continue to be picked up during the first full week of the month?
10. What about brush or yard waste?

Solon Center for the Arts

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1. How do I register for a class?
2. How do I purchase tickets for performances at SCA?
3. What is the class withdrawal policy at SCA?
4. What is the private lesson withdrawal policy?

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