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Residential Truck Drop Form


  1. 1. Truck/Cart Drop - Agreement.
  2. 2. Truck/Cart Drop - Form Contact and Request Info
  • Truck/Cart Drop - Agreement.

    1. 72 Hour advance notice required. Solon Service Department will contact you with APPROVAL STATUS.

    2. By completing this truck/cart drop form I, the resident, agree to abide by all regulations set forth below and herby accept all responsibility for any damages to Drop Address Property or to the truck while it is on Drop Address property.

    3. MATERIAL and LOAD RESTRICTIONS: Transfer Station regulations require us to abide by the following:

    4. We will drop Truck/Cart off between 12:00PM – 4:00 PM and return to pick it up by 9:30 PM. We cannot guarantee the pick-up time. Weekend drop period is from 4:00 PM Friday to Monday in the AM (Closed Sat/Sun). Drops are normally provided from late spring and early fall. Any Drop may be canceled or rescheduled at our option due to weather or other special conditions. If you must cancel, please give us at least 24 hour notice. Emergency situations supersede any requests. Advance Notification will be provided whenever possible

    5. Truck/Cart Drops are provided to homeowner residents as a "Courtesy Service" to accommodate those special residential clean-up situations which may occasionally occur. ***They ARE NOT intended to be utilized as a disposal service for large-scale, on-going renovation or lot clearing projects*** Due to high demand for this service, no more than three drops will be authorized for the same address during any one calendar year.

    6. DO NOT OVERLOAD TRUCK - FIRM VEHICLE SURFACE REQUIRED. Trucks must not be overloaded or loaded in a way the debris may fall off during transport. Loose materials must be contained. ***ANY PORTION OF A LOAD DEEMED TO BE UNSAFE FOR TRANSPORT WILL BE DUMPED OFF BEFORE THE TRUCK LEAVES THE PROPERTY*** If a Load is mixed it will be responsibility of the resident to unload and remove - separate unauthorized materials.

    7. DISCLAIMER: Your use of this truck does not imply that the City of Solon is responsible for any injury’s you or your agents may incur while using it. Nor does it imply that the City of Solon or its workers are responsible for any property damage that may occur while on your property.

    8. YOU AGREE THAT YOUR USE OF THIS VEHICLE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK: You further agree that the City of Solon and its representatives ASSUME no liability for direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages with respect to the services you have requested through the City of Solon Service Department.