Distraction Burglaries

Distraction Burglaries
Distraction burglaries are not new. These types of things have been happening in northeast Ohio and the country. They can happen any time of the year.

A distraction burglary happens when you are home, and you play a role in it. Typically it involves at least 2 suspects. A person (suspect) will park in your driveway or near your home. Usually a work truck will be visible. The suspect will claim to be from a company that provides some type of repair service. They may attract you to the outside of your house to see where the repair is needed. They may attract you to the basement of your home, to see where a repair on your water tank or HVAC is needed. In the meantime, a second suspect or group of suspects goes into your home and takes valuables. The second suspects could be in the truck or an additional vehicle nearby. The victim then discovers the missing property and the suspects are long gone.

Most times, the involved truck will be unmarked. It may lack a front license plate. It may block the rear plate by leaving the tailgate down or otherwise obstructing it. The suspect usually will not have ID or a business card.

The best advice here is that if you don't recognize the company as a local company, and you did not call them to your home, be very careful. Definitely do not let them in your house. Not even to use the bathroom. Do not go outside with the suspect. Tell the person that you are too busy and ask for their business card. Tell them that you can call them and schedule a better time. You can call the police when they leave if you really think it was suspicious and we can investigate it. When they have left, check out what they were talking about to make sure your home is actually safe. Be more trusting of local companies who look legit on BBB or Angie's List.

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