Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining the city's infrastructure hardware and software; installing and supporting desktop systems; supporting departments' technology initiatives and projects, as well as their operational applications and associated hardware; and supporting the telecommunication system.
Information Technology uses and maintains a variety of hardware and software systems, including desktop PCs, Redundant Wide Area Network and Wireless systems, File and Application servers, SAN array, and a VOIP phone system.
  • Maintains central processing and network hardware, security, operating systems, data and voice communications systems.
  • Enhances and maintains many integrated computer system applications.
  • Provides Internet, Intranet, and email services.
  • Provides wide area network, fiber-optic, and wireless services to city departments.
  • Provide audio visual support for Council meetings and distant education seminars.
  • Provides hardware and software installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repair for all City departments..
  • Provides oversight and management of city websites and mobile apps.
  • Provide technical support across all city departments in support of the city's mission.
  • Provide security to proactively protect the City's information technologies.
  • Provide a disaster recovery plan that will assist with business continuity as needed.
  • To maintain systems and networks availability.
  • Assess City departments' information technology needs and determine the best means of utilizing technology to address those needs to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and reduce costs where possible.