Building Department

Duties & Responsibilities
The City of Solon Building Department is certified by the State of Ohio Board of Building Standards to exercise enforcement authority, to accept & approve plans, and specifications and to make inspections for all residential and non-residential (commercial) buildings in the City of Solon, Ohio.
Solon City Hall Sign behind flower bed
The City of Solon Building Department is committed to encouraging & maintaining quality development and building within the City of Solon. We are also committed to making our permitting, inspection & development process understandable and responsive while upholding the ordinances, regulations & laws of the State of Ohio and the City of Solon.

The City of Solon Building Department’s major priority is to: Protect & maintain the life safety, health & welfare of the citizens of Solon and the general public in relation to the built environment while continuing to provide timely quality customer service.

The Solon Building Department is the City of Solon’s focal point for the City’s permit and agency review processes. The majority of all building related permits issued by the City of Solon are issued through the Solon Building Department. All permit applications submitted to the Solon Building Department are required to receive approvals from all city departments affected by the proposed work.

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