Duties & Responsibilities 

The Engineering Department is responsible for the preparation of plans and specifications, construction, administration, inspection, and supervision for all infrastructure projects within the City. These projects include work that takes place on City right-of-way and other City owned properties

City engineers and inspectors also approve and inspect all streets and improvements installed by private developers in new residential, industrial, and commercial subdivisions. This work includes the inspection of public utilities to new houses and buildings as well as sewers, drives, grading, and drainage structures which are part of the development.


Personnel from the Engineering Department regulate, or assist in the regulation of FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program, Federal and State environmental regulations, work done by private utilities in public right-of-ways, and traffic engineering.

In addition, the Engineering Department's input is vital to assure that Solon's development is implemented with the vision and strategy necessary to provide for the future needs of the city and its people.

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