Project Information


The Engineering and Construction Departments are responsible for the design, planning and construction of City-initiated public development projects, and the review and inspection of all privately installed improvements. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of traffic signals. 

Maintenance of the City's infrastructure at various locations within the city is performed annually. A list of projects performed on an annual basis may include the following: 

  • Concrete Repair 
  • Catch Basin Repair 
  • Street Striping 
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Guardrail Repair 
  • Asphalt Repair 
  • Manhole Repair 
  • Materials Testing 
  • Sewer Grouting 
  • Emergency and Miscellaneous Roadway Repair 
  • Sanitary and Storm System Repair 

In addition to annual programs, the City Engineer plans and develops projects for continued maintenance and upgrade of the City’s infrastructure. These projects tend to focus on specific issues that become apparent and can be rectified through repair or upgrade of the current system. 

SOM Center Retaining Wall Refacing and Fence Replacement Project

Contractor: Sander Contracting

Limits: SOM Center Road on both sides of the retaining wall between Bainbridge Road and Aurora Road
Scope: The project includes the aesthetic resurfacing of retaining walls with thin brick veneer on both
sides of SOM Center Road between Bainbridge Road and Aurora Road, as well as the 
rehabilitation of the bridge drainage system and installation of decorative fencing at the top of the 
Start Date: May 23, 2018
End Date: Substantial completion date of August 31, 2018
Update: The contractor is completing the fence installation and general punch list.

SOM Center & Aurora Intersection Improvements Project

Contractor: Catts Construction

SOM Center/Aurora Intersection Improvements
Limits: Linden Drive, north through the intersection to 6370 SOM Center Road. Aurora Road from Solon 
Boulevard east through the intersection to 34275 Aurora Road.
Scope: The project includes: widening SOM Center Road and Aurora Road to provide northbound and southbound dual left turn lanes from SOM Center onto Aurora Road; Widen westbound Aurora Road to provide right turn lane onto SOM Center; Provide new storm and sanitary sewers within the project limits; and Provide new traffic signal equipment at the SOM Center Road and Aurora Road intersection.
Start Date: March 11, 2019    
Substantial Completion Date: November 29, 2019
Update: Underground work has been completed on Aurora Road west of the intersection and an 
intermediate asphalt course has been installed to improve the driving surface. Daytime work will 
resume in this area to restore concrete sidewalks and drive aprons on the south side of Aurora Road
followed by the replacement of curb, sidewalks and drive aprons on the north side.

Meanwhile on other parts of the project, sewer work will continue at night in the intersection as
well as north and east of the intersection. Exact project limits can be found on the Engineering page 

In August when the sewer work is completed, work will begin in the northbound SOM Center
and westbound Aurora Road curb lanes to widen the intersection.

Updates and information are available through the project administration/inspection firm GPI.

Derby Downs Drive Reconstruction Project 

Contractor: S.E.T Inc.

Limits: The project involves the reconstruction of approximately 1800 feet of Derby Downs Drive from Liberty
Road to Brushwood Drive.
Scope: Project improvements are to include new asphalt pavement, concrete curb and gutter, catch basins, manholes, storm sewer, underdrains, pavement markings and replacement of curb ramps, sidewalk and drive aprons.
Start Date: March 11, 2019
Substantial Completion
July 31, 2019
Asphalt pavement has been installed. Contractor has begun restoration work.

A brochure for information regarding construction of the project is available.

Annual Concrete Repair Project 

Contractor: Tri Mor Corporation

Limits: Various locations listed below and tentative schedule
Scope: Construction of concrete pavements or sections of, including the roadways, sidewalks; curbs; drive
aprons; and handicap ramps
Start Date: April 3, 2019
October 30, 2019

Work began on Pine Lane to remove and replace the existing pavement including the cul-de-sac. Once completed the contractor will begin restoration work.

The following list of areas that have been identified for concrete pavement repair or replacement under the 2019 Annual Concrete Repair Program:
  • Allenbury Drive – Full width replacement from 33828 to 32828
  • Ashdown Drive – Full width replacement from 32850 to 33278
  • Banbury Drive Intersection – Full width replacement from the Allenbury Drive curb line
  • Boulder Creek – Full width replacement from Miles Road to the cul-de-sac
  • Carriage Park Drive – Full width replacement from SOM Center curb line through the Hansom Drive intersection
  • Hollyhock Lane – Full width replacement from 31975 to 7274
  • Meadowdale Drive – Full width replacement west of Liberty Road from new pavement at 35925 to 5226 Sunnywood Drive
  • Miles Road – ½ width replacement from the Bedford limit to 27280 Miles Road
  • Pine Lane – Entire removal and replacement from the new asphalt near Cannon Road through the cul-de-sac
  • Tayport Drive Intersection -  Full width replacement from the Allenbury Drive curb line south
  • Warwickshire Lane – Full width replacement from the Foxhill Drive curb line to the new pavement at 33462
  • Miles Road Sidewalks
  • Community Center Sidewalks
A brochure for information regarding construction of the project is available.

2019 Annual Concrete Repair Tentative Schedule

Community Center Sidewalks April 3 April 17 April 3 April 24 
Meadowdale Drive April 8 May 16 April 8  May 16
Carriage Park April 16 July 8 April 16 
May 16
Miles Road May 16 June 10 May 6 June 22
Naiman Parkway May 16 June 19 May 6 June 18
Allenbury Drive May 17 July 3 May 1   June 20
Miles Road Sidewalks May 22 May 29 April 22   May 6
Pine Lane June 26 August 13 July 9    
Boulder Creek June 28 July 31 June 24 July 31
Ashdowne Drive August 12 September 17 June 18   July 25
Hollyhock Lane August 15 October 3 May 20   July 25
Warwickshire Lane September 11 September 30 May 28     

Fire Hydrant Painting Project 

Contractor: Athos Contracting

Limits: Various locations on the west side of the City, west of SOM Center, including all the fire hydrants 
on SOM Center Road, and the hydrants within the Chagrin Valley Estates Subdivision east of 
SOM Center Road off of Miles Road.
Start Date: June 5, 2019
End Date: Substantial completion date of October 31, 2019
    Attached is a list of locations.
Update: Work is well underway to complete the painting of all fire hydrants west of and including SOM
Center Road and in Chagrin Valley Estates.

Arbordale Avenue Reconstruction Project 

Contractor: Fabrizi Trucking and Paving Company

Limits: Project will include replacement of all storm and sanitary sewers and existing concrete 
pavement will be replaced with curb and gutter and asphalt pavement.
Start Date: June 4, 2019
End Date: Substantial completion date of October 31, 2019
Update: Work began on Arbordale Avenue last month to replace the storm and sanitary sewers and 
replace the concrete pavement with curb and gutter and asphalt pavement. Sewer replacement work began in 

All traffic will be limited to one way northbound from Inwood Road.