Project Information


The Engineering and Construction Departments are responsible for the design, planning and construction of City-initiated public development projects, and the review and inspection of all privately installed improvements. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of traffic signals. 

Maintenance of the City's infrastructure at various locations within the city is performed annually. A list of projects performed on an annual basis may include the following: 

  • Concrete Repair 
  • Catch Basin Repair 
  • Street Striping 
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Guardrail Repair 
  • Asphalt Repair 
  • Manhole Repair 
  • Materials Testing 
  • Sewer Grouting 
  • Emergency and Miscellaneous Roadway Repair 
  • Sanitary and Storm System Repair 

In addition to annual programs, the City Engineer plans and develops projects for continued maintenance and upgrade of the City’s infrastructure. These projects tend to focus on specific issues that become apparent and can be rectified through repair or upgrade of the current system. 

Tennis Court Renovation Project


Contractor: Chagrin Valley Paving

Limits: Tennis Courts at the Community Center
Scope: The project includes removal and replacement of the asphalt surface of the 12 existing tennis courts 
with base repair as needed. Painting and striping of the playing surfaces to include four pickleball 
courts on tennis courts #11 and #12. The work is being performed in two phases so that 5 playable 
courts are available at all times.
Start Date: October 30, 2017
End Date: Expect to be substantially complete in August 2018
Update:   The contractor has completed the first phase of work on courts 5, 6 and 9-12. The second phase 
started July 6th on the remaining 6 courts.

SOM Center Retaining Wall Refacing and Fence Replacement Project

Contractor: Sander Contracting

Limits: SOM Center Road on both sides of the retaining wall between Bainbridge Road and Aurora Road
Scope: The project includes the aesthetic resurfacing of retaining walls with thin brick veneer on both sides
of SOM Center Road between Bainbridge Road and Aurora Road, as well as the rehabilitation of the bridge
drainage system and installation of decorative fencing at the top of the walls.
Start Date: May 23, 2018
End Date: Substantial completion date of August 31, 2018
Update: The contractor has begun work on the east side of SOM Center using day zones to restrict northbound traffic
between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM, reopening the curb lane at the end of each day. It is suggested that
westbound Aurora Road traffic use northbound Liberty Road to westbound Bainbridge Road as a voluntary
detour route to help with mid-day traffic congestion. The sidewalk on the east side is closed. Also suggested
that on the west side of SOM Center vehicle traffic consider using Solon Road east to SOM Center to avoid
traffic congestion.

Annual Concrete Repair Program

Contractor: Tri Mor Corporation

Limits: Various locations listed below and tentative schedule
Scope: Construction of concrete pavements or sections of, including the roadways, sidewalks; curbs; drive aprons; 
and handicap ramps
Start Date: April 25, 2018
End Date: Substantial completion date of October 30, 2018
Update: Work on Ramblewood Court, Shadowbrook Drive, Naiman Parkway. Stony Brook Lane, Lansdowne
Drive and Tandem Court is substantially complete. Lawn restoration will be completed in the fall as necessary.

Work on North Oval started on July 9th. This work is expected to take about 6 weeks, weather permitting.

Work is scheduled to begin on Coachman Lane on the south side on July 25th. This work is expected to take 6
weeks, weather permitting.

Work is scheduled to begin on Outley Park on the south and east side of the road the week of July 30th.
This work is expected to take 6 weeks, weather permitting.
The following list of areas that have been identified for concrete pavement repair or replacement under the 2018 Annual Concrete Repair Program:  
  • Naiman Parkway - Concrete pavement will be replaced full width from 5250 south to 5260. 
  • Shadowbrook Drive - Multiple concrete pavement repairs will be made as necessary.
  • Ramblewood Court - Multiple major concrete pavement repairs will be made as necessary.
  • Lansdowne Drive - Concrete pavement will be replaced in its entirety.
  • Stony Brook Lane - Will be replaced full width from 32530 to 32570
  • Tandem Court - From Coachman north including removal of the cul-de-sac
  • North Oval - Concrete pavement will be replaced full width from the new pavement at the Fox Run intersection to 5861.
  • Coachman Lane - Full width concrete pavement will be replaced from 33160 to 33635 and the Hansom Lane intersection.
  • Outley Park Drive - Will be replaced full width from Fox Hill Drive through the Warwickshire east intersection to the newer pavement at the cul-de-sac
  • North Roundhead - Full width pavement will be replaced from 31826 South Roundhead northerly to 32275 North Roundhead.
brochure for information regarding construction of the project is available.


All schedule timing is weather dependent. Lawn restoration will be performed in the fall.
Naiman Parkway COMPLETE      
Shadowbrook Drive COMPLETE      
Ramblewood Court COMPLETE      
Lansdowne Drive COMPLETE         
Stony Brook Lane COMPLETE      
Tandem Court COMPLETE           
North Oval July 23 August 17
Coachman Lane July 30 September 7
Outley Park August 27 October 5
Roundhead Drive September 10 October 18

Carter Street Reconstruction Project

Contractor: Catts Construction

Limits: Cochran Road to the railroad tracks
Scope: Includes removal and replacement of concrete pavement on Carter Street from the intersection of Cochran
Road to the railroad tracks. It is the intent of the City to complete the project in two phases of work.
Start Date: June 28, 2018
End Date: Substantial completion date November 16, 2018