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My Emergency Contact Info

Do you know that Ohio was the first state in the US that allows you to voluntarily provide Emergency Contact Information within the records of your Ohio Driver's License or State of Ohio ID? Why is this important to you? It's important because it is difficult for law enforcement to find your family members if you are hurt and can't tell them who to call.
  • If you are injured, and unable to speak, the only info law enforcement has to find your loved ones is the address on your drivers license
  • Is someone always at that address?
  • Average time to unite loved ones is 6 hours
  • Voluntarily providing your Emergency Contact Information means First Responders can find your loved ones in minutes, not HOURS 
  • It's FREE, SECURE, and takes just a couple of minutes 

    Go to or to enter your emergency contact information.

    Please contact us if you need more information. My family and I worked with our law enforcement and government officials to create this law after my son was involved in an accident and it took seven long hours to find me. He died from his injuries.

    Stay safe and protect your family,

    Linda Wuestenberg 

Quality Service

Just as the City of Solon has grown to be a dynamic city, Solon Fire Rescue is constantly changing to meet the diverse needs of the community. The men and women of the department are committed to providing skilled responses to any type of emergency. Our department also prides itself for the proactive efforts taken to prevent injuries, loss of lives, and loss of property.

Through continuous training, efficient and effective operations, advanced equipment, and a commitment to our mission, we are prepared to meet the changing needs of our City by providing quality prevention practices and emergency services.

Emergency Medical Services

Solon Fire Rescue has a reputation as a premier provider of emergency medical services and is well established in the EMS community. Starting in 1924 with a modest staff of volunteer firefighters, our current staff of 60 personnel provides advanced life support services in the field including but not limited to 12-lead cardiac monitoring, continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP administration, pulse oximetry monitoring, and drug administration. Solon’s first paramedics utilized 4 cardiac drugs and a single page of standing medical orders. Today, the expanded drug administration list includes 25 different lifesaving medications, and medical standing orders are contained in a comprehensive 77 page document.
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