Planning & Community Development

Duties & Responsibilities
The Department’s primary responsibility is to administer the City of Solon Master Plan and the Zoning Code, which regulates private land uses through established minimum area, setback, and design requirements. Below is a listing of some of the Department’s responsibilities:
Veterans Park aerial view
  • Site plan review of non-residential uses (commercial buildings, offices, public properties, industrial sites, etc.) for design standards relating to architecture, landscaping, lighting, parking, etc.
  • Project review memos to assist Planning Commission, City Council, and the Administration
  • Preparation of amendments to the Zoning Code, Building Code, and any other city ordinances as assigned
  • Preparation and implementation of the City’s Master Plan
  • Economic development activity (recruit and maintain businesses, marketing, tax abatement, etc.)
  • Sign review
  • Site plan review of residential uses (new homes, additions, storage buildings, fences, driveways, etc.)
  • Maintenance of GIS databases and mapping interface
  • Zoning violation enforcement (high grass, property maintenance, etc.)
  • Inspection of non-residential projects for compliance with approved plans
  • Review of Certificate of Occupancy applications for new businesses
  • Organization and analysis of census data and other demographic information
  • Creation of various planning studies and maps