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Mission Statement

The mission of the Solon Police Department is to achieve excellence in service, protection, and enforcement; and to preserve the peace of the community through dedication to professionalism, integrity, proficiency, and education.

Duties & Responsibilities

The men and women of the Solon Police Department serve and protect a residential population of over 20,000 which inflates to 60,000 during the day, including those who commute to the city from work, recreation or commercial purposes, all in an area of approximately 20 square miles. Under the direction of the Mayor, as Safety Director, and the Chief of Police Richard Tonelli, the Department strives to serve the community in various and interdependent roles including crime prevention, investigation, public relations and incident planning and management.

Department Overview

The City of Solon is located in Northeast Ohio, 25 miles southeast of Cleveland. The police department consists of 50 sworn Police Officers, 16 full/ part time Corrections Officers, 8 Office Staff, 1 Animal Warden, 19 Auxiliary Police and 4 school crossing guards.

Learn more about the History of the Solon Police Department.

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Patrol | Detective Bureau | Dispatch/Communications | Records/Violations | Community Relations

New House Watch and Overnight Parking Permission Website

You can now use the Frontline website to sign up for our House Watch (vacation watch) program. You can also request overnight parking permission.  If you have any problems, call the PD dispatch at (440)248-1234. We still accept the old House Watch forms, if you are more comfortable with that. Click the link to sign up.


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Online Police Reports

OH-1 public roadway crashes and all injury crashes are available on the State of Ohio's Crash Report System Website.

A copy of all basic police incident reports will be available online with the exception of juvenile incidents, confidential cases, and sexual assaults. Click the link below to access a copy of basic police incident reports.  Contact Records Division at (440) 349-3699 or email PoliceRecords@SolonOhio.org if you wish to obtain more information about a basic police incident reports. Reports are subject to public records law.

If it has been more than five business days since your report was taken, it may be possible that your report will not be available online or is still under investigation.  Please contact Solon Records division for more info (440)349-3699.

Click here to access the Online Police Crash Reports.

Click here to access the Online Basic Incident Reports.

Safe Passages

The Solon Police Department recognizes that drug addiction is a disease. Solon’s Safe Passages program is aimed at getting help to people suffering from opioid addiction instead of putting them in handcuffs.  Are you addicted to heroin or other opioids? Do you know someone who is?  Click the link to find out more.  Safe Passages.

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NNO 2024

National Night Out

Thank you for the support we received during our National Night Out events. Solon PD's NNO is always a big success.  

National Night Out is a family friendly fun event that focuses on crime prevention through a strong a relationship between the police and the community it serves.  Click the link to learn more about the event and see pics. 

2020 SPD Annual Report