Lot Split Consolidation

Residential Lot Split / Consolidation

Any proposed lot split, lot consolidation, and residual parcel(s) must be reviewed by Planning Commission and City Council. Once an application is submitted and placed onto the Planning Commission agenda, the Commission will table the application so that a public hearing can be scheduled, typically for the next regularly scheduled meeting. The applicant shall attend the next Planning Commission meeting to present the application and answer any questions. If approved, the application will automatically be placed onto the agenda for the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting. Attendance is required at City Council.


All of the following items, unless otherwise determined by staff, must be submitted to and verified by the Department of Planning on or before the Planning Commission Deadline Date listed on the Submittal Deadline and Meeting Date Schedule for the City of Solon.
  • 1 copy of the Application to the Solon Planning Commission/City Council.


  • Cover letter describing the need for the lot split and/or lot consolidation.
  • Site plan that is to scale (1”=10’, 1”=20’, 1”=30’, 1”=40’). Planning Commission and City Council typically take action on a proposal based upon an accurate site plan, but both the Commission and Council reserve the right to require a survey prepared by a registered surveyor prior to their action. The Cuyahoga County tax maps, mortgage location survey, or drawings prepared by the owner/contractor can be used for a site plan and must include the following:
    1. Address, scale, and north arrow
    2. Permanent parcel numbers of lots
    3. Existing lot dimensions and area
    4. Proposed lot dimensions and area
    5. Dimensions of existing buildings on the lot
  • A fee may apply. Contact the Planning Department at (440) 349-6327.
  • If variance(s) are required, the applicant will be notified. ($15 fee)
Please call the Planning Department at (440) 349-6327 to schedule an appointment to verify that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
It is recommended that you call several surveyors as each will charge a different fee for their services. If City Council approves the proposal, the survey plat must be recorded as explained below.

Recording of Survey Plat Required 

If City Council approves the lot split and/or consolidation, the original Mylar survey plat must be prepared and brought to City Hall for signatures of the Clerk of Council and City Engineer. The signed Mylar plat plus 2 paper copies must then be submitted for review and recording at the Cuyahoga County Offices located at 2079 East 9th Street in Downtown Cleveland within one (1) year of approval. If the plat is not recorded, approval is void and the proposal will be required to go through the entire process again.