Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees


A sanitary sewer connection fee (tap-in fee) or fee increase may be applicable to your project if you need an initial connection to the City’s sanitary sewer system, if you are adding on to the building or if the use of the facility changes. The following are examples of projects that may incur sanitary sewer connection fees.
  • New construction
  • Building addition
  • Expansion into additional existing space
  • Change in use of existing facility (Examples: changing use from retail to restaurant space, converting warehouse to office)
  • Adding seating capacity (restaurants, assembly areas for religious institutions)
If your project involves site work, submit site and/or civil drawings directly to the Engineering Department at the time you submit to the Building Department. The Engineering Department will calculate the proper fees and will forward a letter describing the fees to you.

For information about potential sanitary sewer connection fees, please contact the Engineering Department at (440)349-6745.