Girls at art camp
Classes & Workshops 
Art Classes at SCA focus on and promote a comprehensive approach to visual expression, observation and learning while building on the basic principles of art. These tools are utilized to develop unique talent and personal skill in a creative, friendly environment. Classes are offered in a wide-range of mediums, from clay to fiber art, and are always changing with the goal of offering students new ideas, concepts and techniques, and subject matter. All instructors are trained educators who feel that arts education play an important role in the development of a well-rounded individual.

Gallery Exhibitions
Solon Center for the Arts provides local artists the opportunity to exhibit their work at 2 unique locations including the gallery at SCA and Solon City Hall. Exhibitions at SCA and Solon City Hall are open to the public during normal business hours and are free of charge.

Meet the instructors
Learn about SCA's talented Art faculty.