SCA Dance classes encourage creativity while emphasizing proper technique and terminology so that students become strong, knowledgeable and passionate dancers. Each student will learn steps in a progressive manner that will allow them to focus on body placement, timing, fluidity, musicality and expression. SCA dance instructors teach with a nurturing and supportive attitude so that students are able to learn in an environment conducive to growth and development. 
  • There are no requirements for enrolling in Intro to Movement, Creative Movement or Adult Classes.
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students wishing to advance their technique take a ballet class AND a second technique class such as modern or jazz.


Class Offerings:

  1. Movement Classes/Dance Combos
  2. Jazz/Hip-Hop/Tap
  3. Ballet & Modern
  4. Specialty Classes/Lessons
  5. Adult Classes
  6. Boys Classes
  7. SCA Dance Ensembles

Preschool Programs

Ages 2-4

Preschool age students will have fun while building coordination, thinking, motor and social skills. and making friends.  This class is designed for caregivers and students to share and create together.

Intro to Movement

Ages 3-4

Do you have a pre-schooler who is constantly spinning and jumping? If so, sign them up for this fun class designed to introduce young students to a kinetic form of self-expression and imagination! Students will improve basic coordination and rhythm while learning to dance. 

Creative Movement

Ages 4-6

As children grow, their abilities to comprehend artistic material improve and their attention spans increase. Creative Movement introduces children to the basics of ballet, tap and creative forms of movement. Students will learn to express themselves through movement and develop a sense of grace, coordination and rhythm in a focused and fun environment.

Intro to Acro

Ages 4-6

Intro to Acro provides students with the opportunity to learn basic acrobatic skills. Students will explore different conditioning exercises which will increase their development of coordination, flexibility and strength.

Dance Combos

If you want to explore multiple styles of dance in 1 class, Dance Combo is for you! This class is comprised of several different styles and techniques so that students may be able to find the style in which their creativity soars! Students will survey a mixture of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap and basic gymnastics. Enrollees must have ballet shoes, tap shoes and footless or convertible tights. Jazz shoes are recommended but not required.

     Dance Combo I

 (Ages 5 - 7)

     Dance Combo II 

(Ages 7 - 9)

    Dance Combo III

 (Ages 9 - 12)

     Dance Combo IV

 (Ages 12 - 15)