Parks & Facilities

Community Park
The Solon Community Park has many different aspects of outdoor activities for residents to indulge in. The park is located at 6679 SOM Center Road across from the Solon Public Library. People might say the main attraction to the park is the 10 widely spread baseball fields. Games are played everyday during the week at different times. To accommodate fans we have a concession stand open during the hours of the games. There are a variety of soft drinks, snacks, ice cream and candy available for the public.
Playground equipment
In the middle of the fields are 2 separate playground areas. These new playground areas have a wide variety of features that children of all ages will enjoy.

The Solon Community Park offers a huge pavilion that can accommodate large crowds for many different events. The pavilion is available for Solon residents to reserve for almost any special occasion. Please contact the Solon Recreation Department for further information at (440) 248-5747. Next to the pavilion are 2 the sand volleyball courts for residents to use.

Pavilion Rental Information

Any person or organization desiring to reserve the main pavilion at the Solon Community Park shall obtain a permit from the Recreation Director or Designee.

The fee for the use of the pavilion by a Solon resident, business or organization located within the city, shall be $50 per section, per section, up to 1 day. The rental fee shall be payable at the time of application for the permit.

The fee for the use of the pavilion by a non-resident, businesses or organization not located within the City, shall be $100 per section, per section, up to 1 day. The rental fee shall be payable at the time of application for the permit.

City residents, businesses and organizations shall be given priority in the scheduling and use of the pavilion. The Recreation Director shall have the power to make inquiry to insure that there is a bona fide use for the pavilion by city residents, businesses or organizations who or which are the applicants for the permit to use the pavilion.

The Recreation Director reserves the right to waive the rental fee if deemed appropriate.

The Recreation Department reserves the right to assess an additional fee if the pavilion is damaged due to intentional or malicious neglect. The Recreation Department also reserves the right to cancel, deny or revoke any future permits for any of its facilities if deemed appropriate.

Timberlake Park

Timberlake Park is a more private area for people to gather under the pavilions, play on the playgrounds and play in the wide open playing areas. The park is located off Root Road in Bainbridge. After entering the beautiful environment there will be 2 pavilions in the back right of the park. There is a large pavilion that holds 100-200 people and a small pavilion that will hold 50-75 people.

A stocked lake awaits your fishing skills with bluegill, bass, catfish and sunfish in the nearly 4 acre lake. Bring your fishing gear and enjoy the water views. Timberlake Park is closed November 1 - March 31 annually. For more information on Timberlake Park please call the Solon Recreation Department at (440) 248-5747.
Timberlake Entrance Sign

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Located off the auxiliary parking lot on Portz Parkway, this full sized court is nestled in the woods. Open all day!

Portz Parkway Walking/Fitness Trail

This walking path has 4 fitness structures on it. Walk the scenic route to the Community Park and enjoy all it has to offer.

Outdoor Tennis Courts

Recently renovated, the courts are located behind the main baseball field at Solon Community Park. Eight lighted courts and 4 unlit courts are open daily.