Latex Paint Disposal Guidelines

In an effort to reduce the cost of future household hazardous waste collection the Solon Service Department is no longer accepting latex paint effective August 3, 2015. Latex paint is not hazardous as it is comprised mostly of water. To dispose of latex paint, solidify the remaining paint and place in your trash.

To Solidify Latex Paint:

  • Allow the paint to dry by removing the lid and allowing liquids to evaporate. This will work for small quantities of paint with an inch or 2 in the bottom of the can. Paint can take several days to dry.
  • Latex paint can also be solidified by mixing equal amounts of an absorbent material and allowed to dry. Items such as cat liter, saw dust, plaster of Paris, oil dry or Vermiculite work well.
  • Another option would be to pour thin layers (about 1” of paint) into a cardboard box lined with plastic. Allow the paint to dry 1 layer at a time until all paint has hardened.
  • When thoroughly dry, the remaining hardened paint should be discarded with your regular trash. Leave the lid off the can so the waste collector can see the hardened paint.
  • Never dump the paint on the ground or down storm drains where it will travel directly to surface and/or ground waters.
  • Never pour it down the drain. While small amounts of latex paint can safely be washed down the drain to the septic system or waste water treatment plant, the practice should be kept to a minimum. Limit this to brush and tray cleaning.
  • Never throw liquid paint in the regular trash. It may be released from the can when trash is compacted and may seep out of a waste collection vehicle onto the streets.
Significant amounts of paint will be picked up with secondary recyclables. Secondary recyclables are picked up on your normal rubbish day during the first full week of each month. This means that the Monday and Friday fall within the same week.

For more information regarding latex paint and other recyclables, contact Dennis Varga,    Solid Waste Manager or call the Solon Service Department at (440) 248-5834 ext.1953.