Solon Mercury Reclamation Partnership

Raising Awareness
As part of the Solon Department of Water Reclamation’s ongoing efforts to reduce the amount the amount of mercury entering the wastewater treatment plant, we have created a Mercury Reclamation Partnership. The Partnership will bring a variety of people and organizations together in an effort to raise awareness about mercury in our community and assist Solon’s mercury reclamation efforts.

In order to meet stricter regulations, we will focus on all significant sources of mercury, not only those that discharge directly to the sewer system. This emphasis on mercury stems from its status as a pollutant of concern for Lake Erie and its tributary streams and as a health threat to people.

The Delta Institute
In response to mercury-related concerns, we are working with the Delta Institute, a non-profit environmental group that promotes sustainable development and environmental stewardship in the Great Lakes region. This collaboration is funded by a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Public Participation
The success of similar projects in other parts of the country has relied heavily on public participation. Assembling a group of stakeholders who can reach different parts of the community is an essential aspect of this public involvement.

The Solon Department of Water Reclamation has invited representatives of local industry and businesses, the school district, physicians, hospitals, and public health officials, hazardous waste contractors, public works officials, neighborhood and environmental groups, as well as representatives of the Ohio EPA to participate in this Mercury Reclamation Partnership.

Learn More
If you have any further questions about the Mercury Reclamation Partnership, please contact Stan Smith at (440) 337-1513 of the Solon Water Reclamation Department at (440) 248-4895.