Family Safety

Home Safety
Fire safety begins with every member of the household being prepared and knowing what to do in a fire emergency.  Solon Fire Rescue recommends developing and practicing a home fire escape plan and installing smoke alarms.  Don't forget to change the batteries in the smoke alarms when you change your clocks.

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Parents Safety
As parents, we try to do all we can to raise our children in a safe environment.  Solon Fire Rescue offers other safety services such as Child Safety Seat installation and CPR classes.  Click on the title for more information on how to keep you and your children safe.

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Senior Citizen Safety
They are called the "golden years," a time for senior citizens to finally enjoy their retirement years and their hard-earned “gold" they’ve worked all their lives for. But a senior also has a new set of safety concerns to deal with such as slips, falls, and fires to name a few.   Family and friends can help, but seniors need to gather their own information to protect themselves.  Click on the title  for more helpful information to keep those golden years golden!

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