Commercial Permit Procedures

(Non-residential Projects)

To obtain a building permit the following procedures must be followed:
  • Structural alterations
  • Exterior and/or interior remodeling
  • Mechanical changes
    • Electrical
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
  • Any site plan alterations

  1. Submit 5 sets of detailed drawings with the following information to the Building Department:
    • Embossed with architect’s and/or engineer’s original signature over the stamp
    • A completed building permit application:
      • List the general contractor and all subcontractors
      • The Use Group and Class of the building, from the OBC (Ohio Building Code)
      • Signature and phone number of qualified representative
    • Disclose use or storage of hazardous, flammable or combustible materials
  2. Submit 4 sets of plans showing the following information to the Building Department:
    • underground fire main
    • yard hydrant location
    • sprinkler system
    • alarm system
    • fixed fire suppression if applicable
  3. Submit 2 sets of site plans to the Building Department, including:
    • Site utilities
    • grading plan
    • erosion control drawings (typical details for site work)
    • Calculations for storm sewers and detention basin

  1. Two sets of the drawings will be forwarded to the plans examiner (via the Building Department) for review
  2. The plans examiner will submit a letter of recommendation that addresses the following:
    • All code requirements which have not been addressed on the original drawings
    • Drawings reviewed per the Ohio Building Code
  3. One set of the drawings will be forwarded to the Fire Department (via the Building Department) for review of OBC and Ohio Fire Code.
  4. Applicant will receive report.

  1. The applicant receives a copy of the letter and must address the items in one of the following manners:
    • By submitting a letter of compliance to the attention of the Building Commissioner addressing the code violations
    • By submitting 4 sets of revised drawings
  1. An approved set of drawings shall remain on the site at all times.
  2. All requests for inspection should be requested 24 hours in advance by calling the Building Department at (440) 349-6737.
  3. A final inspection is required for a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued and the project considered complete.

Special Note: Contractors shall be listed on the permit application and must be registered with our Building Department before a permit will be issued.

Please contact the Building Department at (440) 349-6737 for further information.