Residential Permits

Building Permits are required for all building construction, including accessory structures such as: decks, pools, sheds, porches, enclosures, roofing, siding, etc. See detail list of Required Residential Permits.

Applicants for accessory-type structures need to provide 3 copies of the construction drawings, consisting of a site plan showing where the structure will be situated on the property and the distance from all property lines. Plans must also show how the structure will be built (materials used, etc.).

See Building and Housing Code (Part Fourteen) for the complete set of regulations and codes governing the Solon Building Department.

Residential Permit Applications

Residential Information
Residential Accessory Uses Minimum Submittal Requirements
Roofing Requirements
Lawn Irrigation System Information

Garage Sales
A permit is required for a garage sale, and it can be obtained for a $5 fee in the Building Department or online for $5 plus a convenience fee ($1.95 -$3.95 depending on payment type). The City has an ordinance restricting garage sale signs in residential areas. Garage sale signs are permitted only on the property where the sale is being held. They may not be posted at any street corner, on tree lawns, or utility poles. See City Ordinance Chapter, Part Eight, section 820.

Contact the Planning Department at (440) 349-6327 to see what the sign standards are for your particular need. See Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 1288.04.