Mobile Food Unit Vendor Information

(Food Trucks, Trailers, Hand Propelled Carts)

In recent years, mobile food units (food trucks, trailers, and carts) have become very popular for all types of events throughout the City of Solon. In the interest of public safety, Solon Fire Department Inspectors will be inspecting these units to ensure compliance with the Ohio Fire Code. In addition, we have created a checklist that is to be completed by the operator of the mobile food unit prior to opening for the day’s event. These forms can be accessed using the following links:
Mobile Food Unit Inspection Form

Mobile Food Unit Operator Checklist
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a mobile food unit?

Any apparatus or equipment that is used to cook, prepare or serve food that is operated from a movable vehicle or apparatus, including but not limited to motorized vehicles, trailers, and hand propelled carts.

Does the fire department want to be notified when my mobile food unit is operating in City of Solon?

Yes, please email us at to let us know where you will be, what time you will be there, and what type of mobile food unit you have. Our inspectors will be in contact with you to obtain additional information, if needed.

I do not use propane to cook food in my mobile food unit. Do I still need to complete the checklist?

Yes, if you meet the definition of a mobile food unit, then we ask that you still complete the checklist and turn it in to the fire department. With that being said, some items on the checklist may not apply to your situation so it would be marked not applicable.

I have completed the operator checklist, but the inspector did not show up during the event to conduct the inspection. How do I get me completed checklist to the fire department?

Solon Fire Department will make every effort to get an inspector to the event to inspect mobile food units. If for some reason the inspector is not available, email the completed checklist to or mail it to: Solon Fire Prevention Bureau, 5595 Harper Road, Solon, Ohio 44139.

I do not use propane to cook food in my mobile food unit. Am I still a candidate for a fire department inspection?

Yes, however the inspector will have less items to inspect, so the inspection will be just as thorough but will take place in a shorter amount of time than if you had propane.

Is there a fee for the mobile food unit inspection?

No, the inspection is free of charge.