Citizens Police Academy

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The Citizen's Police Academy is a 9-week program designed to give participants a working knowledge of the Solon Police Department. The purpose of the academy is to increase citizen awareness of the day-to-day operation of the Solon Police Department by educating them on various topics relative to the role of a Police Officer in the City of Solon. The academy is not intended to make citizens into Police Officers, but to allow citizens to learn more about police operations. It consists of a series of classes and discussions on various topics.  
During the sessions students will be presented with information on various aspects of police work as it relates to our community. At the end of the nine weeks graduates will be permitted to schedule a ride along with a patrol officer for one evening. Graduates will also be eligible to become a member of the newly formed Community Impact Advisory Board. To obtain further information please contact Sergeant Cabot at (440) 337-1470. 
The next Academy class is starting on April 9, 2019.  See below to view the class schedule.

To enroll in a future class, email Academy Commander Sgt. James Cabot .  We conduct a Spring and Fall class every year.
To access the Citizen's Police Academy application in PDF, click here.

Spring 2019 Class Schedule

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