Report a Street Light Problem or a Power Outage

How to report a street light problem

Reporting a problem directly to First Energy Corp is the quickest way to get a response. The City of Solon does not fix street lights or poles.

The City of Solon does conduct an on-going inspection of its street lighting system which are on the light poles located in the tree lawn areas along most city streets. However, should you encounter a street light that is out, flickering, dim or one that is going on and off from time to time, visit the First Energy website at this link, Report Lighting Problem, and fill out the online submittal form. You can also call First Energy directly at 1-800-589-3101.
Street Light

How to report a power outage

Reporting a power outage directly to First Energy Corp. is beneficial to both First Energy and its customers. First Energy continues to improve methods of communication concerning outage issues. Please use this link to educate yourself on options for reporting outages. 
Power Outage
As always the City of Solon Service Department thanks our residents for their cooperation and should you have any questions regarding any of our programs we encourage you to call us at 440-248-5834.