Why did Solon go to Automated?
This system offers a more convenient way for you to set out your rubbish. It is a more efficient and cost effective method to collect waste and a better way to provide service to the community. Automated rubbish collection will reduce the number of employees needed to collect rubbish. This will free up Service Department personnel to perform other important city services. It will also reduce injuries to employees from manually picking up rubbish. Automated rubbish collection is a win, win situation for everyone!

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1. What is Automated Rubbish Collection?
2. Why did Solon go to Automated?
3. I have my City issued rubbish cart. What should I know about it?
4. How big are the tipper carts and how much trash do they hold?
5. What if I have more rubbish than will fit in the rubbish cart?
6. What items can I put in my cart?
7. What should I watch for when placing my tipper cart at the curb?
8. What if I have large or bulk items?
9. Can "Secondary Recyclables" be brought to the Service Department?
10. What about brush or yard waste?