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  1. Sidewalk Repair

    Report a City sidewalk in need of repair

  2. Traffic Signal Problem

    Traffic Signal Problem

  1. Traffic Signal Problem

    Traffic Signal Problem



  1. Bicycle Registration Form
  2. Community Camera Program
  3. Contact Assistant Chief Haines
  4. Contact CPO1
  5. Contact DARE Officer
  6. Contact Detective Castro
  7. Contact Jail Administrator
  8. Contact Lieutenant Jamey Hofmann
  9. Contact Line Operations Lieutenant
  10. Contact Police Information Technology
  11. Contact Sergeant Bunjevac
  12. Contact Sergeant Kulak
  13. Contact Sergeant Lesner
  14. Contact Sergeant Wagner
  15. Contact Support Services Lieutenant
  16. Solon Police Department Compliments and Complaints Form

    This form to can be used to submit a compliment to the Solon Police Department about a positive experience you had with our officers or... More…

  17. Traffic Complaint Form
  1. Business Security Contact Form
  2. Contact Animal Warden
  3. Contact Community Services Lieutenant
  4. Contact CPO3
  5. Contact Detective Bender
  6. Contact Detective Harvey
  7. Contact K9 Officer
  8. Contact Lieutenant Roy Cunningham
  9. Contact Police Department
  10. Contact Sergeant Barr
  11. Contact Sergeant Cabot
  12. Contact Sergeant Leimeister
  13. Contact Sergeant Perkins
  14. Contact Staff Services Lieutenant
  15. Police Civil Service Testing Fee Payment

    Payment form for the Police Civil Service application fee for either the Police Officer or Corrections Officer position (Winter of... More…

  16. Tip Line


  1. Banner Request Form
  2. Roadway Pavement Repair

    Report hazardous roadway pavement damaged - Pot Holes and Other malformations

  1. Environmental Survey

    To increase awareness of storm water quality. Public Involvement Public Education (P.I.P.E.)

  2. Rubbish Container Rental