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Business Security Contact Form

  1. The City of Solon
    Police Department
  2. Dear Business Owner:
  3. In order to properly maintain effective police protection for your business in the City of Solon, the Police Department requires certain essential information for our permanent Business Security files.
  4. We ask that you complete this "Business Security Contact Record". It may be helpful for you to keep a copy for your records as we must have written notification at any time if any of the original information changes to ensure that your records are kept current. Upon submission, you will have the opportunity to receive an email version and/or print a completed form.
  5. All information supplied will be kept confidential within the Police Department.
  6. Please contact Laura Watterson for any information at 440-337-1457. Thank you for your prompt assistance.
  7. Sincerely,
  8. Christopher Paul Viland
    Chief of Police
    Company Officials to be notified in the event of an emergency during non-working hours (in the order they are to be called). Please provide pager and/or cellular numbers
  16. Name                 Title                 Home Phone                 Pager/Cellular
  18. ALARMS
    If your building is protected by burglar, holdup or safe alarms, please provide the police department with the following information:
  19. I Agree*
    By checking I AGREE on this form I confirm I have read and completed the Business Security Contact in its entirety, understand and agree to provide all information requested herein, and, furthermore, I will release the City of Solon, its employees and agents from any and all liability.
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