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  1. Do you live in the City of Solon?*
  2. Do you work in the City of Solon?*
  3. Have you had contact with the Solon Police Department within the past year?*
  4. Was your most recent contact as:*
  5. Rate your most recent contact with a Solon Police Officer: The officer's concern for you*
  6. The officer's helpfulness.*
  7. The officer's appearance.*
  8. The officer's conduct.*
  9. The officer's ability to put you at ease.*
  10. The officer's ability to solve problems.*
  11. If the officer could not solve the problem directly, did he or she provide you with any alternatives?*
  12. Did the officer treat you fairly?*
  13. Did the officer use good judgment?*
  14. Did the officer listen to what you had to say?*
  15. Did the officer's language or behavior offend you in any way?*
  16. If contact was by telephone, please rate the service from the Communications Center.*
  17. How safe do you feel living in your neighborhood?*
  18. How safe and secure do you feel working in the City?*
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