Disconnecting Downspout from Sewer

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In consideration of the City of Solon and/or its duly designated representatives, agreeing to consider allowing me to disconnect my downspouts from my sewer, I do hereby agree as follows:
I authorize the City of Solon or its duly authorized representatives to enter upon my land located at:
The City Engineer must approve all disconnections of downspouts from gutters per City of Solon ordinance 1482.10 (b). This approval is indicated by his/her signature below. The discharge point of the downspout must be at least 5 feet from the home to help minimize the possibility of the homeowner inadvertently flooding themselves. The location of the downspouts once approved by the City Engineer may not be changed without the further approval of the City Engineer. The City Engineer may also make this approval contingent on additional requirements as set forth on an attachment to this document. An inspection from the City Engineer will be required pursuant to Ordinance 1042.06.
It is understood that the City of Solon shall have no maintenance responsibility on my property in the future. In addition, in consideration of the City allowing me to disconnect my downspouts from my sewer, the undersigned, and their successors in interest, agree to maintain the work performed in disconnecting my downspouts from my sewers in the future.
The undersigned, and their successors in interest, agrees to indemnify, keep and save harmless the City and its respective officers, agents and employees against all claims, causes of actions, suits, liabilities, and/or damages that may be based upon any injury to persons or property that may arise out of any negligent act, error or omission from disconnecting my downspouts from my sewer.
I have read and understand this Disconnecting Downspouts from Sewer and hereby agree to all provisions set forth above.
The property owner field is considered a digital signature, and therefore the responsible party for this permit.

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